It’s freezing cold out. I can see the buildings disappearing in the distance in the pregnant, cold air. I check to see if I can see my own breath, it’s so fucking cold.
I’m walking about intent on wasting what’s left of the day. "Eleven" is playing and everything seems rather…

let’s talk about that

So I was going about my business one these days, scrolling through twitter and I saw a tweet, I forget who from, with the caption “what we’re listening to now” (or something like that).

It was a picture of a woman with her arms crossed, looking as uninterested as she…

Let’s talk about it.

I don’t know if you’re aware of this but Lebron James Sr. is a big deal. The 36 year old, is the reigning Finals MVP and NBA Champion after leading the Los Angeles Lakers to their 17th championship. Some highlights of his career resume include 4 NBA championships, 4 Finals…

Olammy, Clyde.

Imprecise Words.

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